Hey gorgeous, welcome to SY Nursery Collection!
This idea came to life while becoming a first time parent, I guess I gave birth to 2 babies!

Before you enter into this amazing parenthood adventure, you try your best to be well prepared with information, digest advise and be well equipped with baby gadgets before you meet your beautiful baby. You kind of had an idea what you were getting yourself into but weren’t really at the same time.

Every parent has a story to share about their journey and experience about parenthood. The beautiful, the unconditional love, the bad and the ugly times.

For me I had no idea how much and easy it was to lose myself while being a parent, I’m sure a lot of you can relate. You accommodate a lot to give only the best to make sure your little precious feels warm, safe, healthy and loved. You make sure the food or drink is prepared exactly how they want it, room temperature is on point, bath water not too cold or too hot, even leaving the toilet door open so they can see you haven’t sneakily run away (damn it!).

I wanted to feel more human and more me again. This triggered to treat myself with a stylish baby bag that didn’t scream ‘hello I’m a baby bag’ but was functional and practical as well. Baby bag is necessity to carry all the baby essentials and one of few baby gears where you can stylise it to make you feel more you again. But this was hard to find.
So, Understated baby bag was born in hope to make you feel good, look good and be yourself again no matter what your story is.

You might have food, vomit or other unknown substance on your clothes as a badge of honour but you will still be looking super classy with Understated baby bag! You got this hot mama and papa.

Treat yourself, you deserve it! Self-care is not selfish. Xx