SY Nursery Collection Understated baby bag - Life is too short for ugly nappy bag
SY Nursery Collection Understated baby bag - inside view baby bag backpack. 2 thermal elasticated pockets inside to keep any drinks and food warmer for longer. Total of 6 pockets inside.
SY Nursery Collection Understated baby bag - Back view baby bag backpack. Hidden back pocket for your wallet, tablet or other valuable, ssshh it’s a secret!
SY Nursery Collection Understated baby bag - side view diaper bag backpack. Expandable pockets
Understated baby bag, go handsfree

Understated Baby Bag

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$159.99 NZD
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Why settle with ordinary nappy bag if you can get both style and practicality? Don’t be the regular mom, be the cool mom!

A nappy bag you actually want to wear everywhere with or without baby. Get it now, so you wouldn’t regret why you didn’t get it sooner. A must have!

Thank goodness for…
  • Handsfree, a total game changer! Avoid having the bag swinging in every direction especially when you bend down to pick up your little one!
  • 10x various sized pockets, be effortlessly organised
  • 2x insulated pockets
  • Adjustable length straps
  • Expandable side pockets to fit various sized items
  • 100% vegan leather exterior. Water resistant, just wipe away with a damp cloth. Super easy to clean and maintain
  • 100% polyester lining
Size does matter
  • Understated baby bag 27cm wide x 38cm high x 14cm deep

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